Beach time!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello. Welcome to the first post! :)

And welcome to the dog beach!
I wanted to show you my top two favorite things in the whole world.

They are a dog and a beach. :)

Especially this one of course.
Who loves to stare at the ocean and think about life.

 For Happy, his two favorite things to do is going outside and running.

Then he found this thing washed up on the shore.

He quickly moved it away from the water with so much excitement in his walk.

What is this?!'s alive!

...I remember when I was a little girl, my mom left me at my aunt's house for couple of days.
Maybe it was just a day and I think it was really just one day, but it felt like days and still feels like it.
When I was there, I found a giant seashell as a decoration in the living room.
And my aunt said, "You can hear the sound of the ocean waves, if you put your ear on the shell."
So I picked up the seashell and put it on my ear and tried to listen so carefully.
Then she asked, "What do you hear?".
I answered,  "I think I hear my mom's voice"...

Just a little story I wanted to share, since that giant yellow thing Happy caught reminded me of the giant seashell. :)
Now I wonder, what I'm going to hear from a seashell next time!

Hope you enjoyed my first post and Thank you so much for being here!
We're looking forward to share our journey with you. <3 

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