Miracle Monday :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

dog basket

Hello Everyone!
How are you doing today?
I wanted to share a little story that happened to me, a couple of months ago.

It was a beautiful sunny day and I wanted to take Happy out on a bike ride.
It had been so long since I rode a bike. Maybe like 15 years or more!
I've always wanted to take my dog for a bike ride on a basket.
Just like ET ;)

And this was my first time.
Happy was surprisingly calm.
Enjoying wind in his face. He even looked so strong and brave in the basket.

Meanwhile I was getting all nervous and anxious.
Because I was afraid I might fall and get hurt or drop Happy.
Although I was going super slow for that reasons.

We're getting close to the park where we can rest.
But the last part was a uphill. (WHY!...)
I got so tired. It was so heavy. I felt like I couldn't even paddle one more anymore.
I felt sorry for Happy because he looked so excited and I couldn't do it.
I started thinking, 'I can't even do this, I'm so disappointed, I'm gonna cry.'

Then all of sudden, I felt cool wind behind me pushed me and my bike from behind.
I started paddling and it was so light and easy.
For few seconds I felt like I was flying with the bike. (...like ET ;)
And the disappointment I had disappeared right away.
So I bit my lower lip and thought "Yes, I can do this!".

To me that was a little but big miracle. I think it was an angel helping me, so I won't cry.
So I can enjoy a beautiful day without tears and sadness.
There are miracles everywhere, if you believe. <3

By the way, Happy, he's a miracle himself. All those time I was struggling, he was just sitting in the basket, chilling and relaxing. Enjoying life!

I have more miracle stories to share, if I could remember some I will post them on Mondays. :)
Do you have any miracle stories? I'd love to hear from you!

Hope you are enjoying your life and having a beautiful day~~~!

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