Happy is an Alien

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

He's an alien from Planet Happy where there's only Happiness.
To get there...You have to run! For your life :)
Here's how he does it.

Or you can fly! If you believe you can fly!

This is the face of an one happy alien. :)
Or Happy says, he just got runner's high. ;)

Have you ever got runner's high before? I never believed it until I got one.
I'm not a running person at all, but when I was in highschool I used to go to the gym everyday and train with a trainer almost 2 hours a day for a month. It was like a boot camp and was really hard.
But I was physically in good shape and felt so strong.
Then in the P.E. class we had to run around tracks like 3-4 times for some kind of endurance test.
Everybody was so tired after 1st or 2nd time, but I was running so light, I finished first.

Then I felt so weirdly good and uplifted, I went around one more track with others who were behind me like nothing. I felt like I was flying. 
Although that was such a great experience, I never became a runner.

Do you like running? Are you a runner? Have you ever experience runner's high?

My mom is a runner. She completed full marathon couple of times in her 50's. Even a mountain marathon.
My brother, of course did marathons plus he completed triathlon last year. 
Me, I love walking. I enjoy walking. It's more like me. I'm more like my dad, he likes relaxing, sitting down and read newspapers and books.

Anyway Happy is a definitely a runner!
I mean just look at him. 

He's like take a picture of me running. I'm like OK. :)

Run, Smile and Repeat! Why not! ;)
Or go wherever you want to go, There will be ups and downs.
Be an explorer of life. Experience the journey of happiness...
Like this dog right here :)

You don't have to run like crazy like this dog to get to planet Happy.
Just do what makes you happy, smile and repeat, <3

That was just another happy day in Hollywood.
Or Happy calls it "Happywood". :)
I hope you are having a happy day today. <3

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