Hot in Hollywood

Thursday, January 15, 2015

hollywood dog
It was a beautiful hot day in Hollywood.

Sunny day makes Happy so happy and that makes him want to touch the sky!

dog smiles
And this smile makes my day, my week, my month, my year....and my life!

He captured the sun in his eye. 
Like a sunflower staring at the sun.
In LA, we have beautiful sunny days all year.
And I really love it and I appreciate it.

I love taking pictures of green grass and blue skies together.
Looking at those colors are so soothing and so beautiful to me.
I think it's because they are colors of the natures.
Nature is always beautiful. 

When you get a chance, you will always get a chance soon and of course you can make a chance now! 
Go outside to the nature under the sunshine, maybe somewhere green and blue, have fun and smile! 
Most of all I wish you all be happy today!

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