Say Hello!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I know it's normal to feel shy to talk to a stranger.

Be brave and reach out!
It will change your life and the world!

Even that stranger is a little intimidating or so different looking.
Be the one who say hello first.
Maybe the other person wants to say hi but more shy than you. :) 

It's a little awkward at first. But it's gonna be worth it.

Maybe you will end up making yourself a new friend!
It's so much fun sharing smiles and happiness.

It's a busy world out there and can be really cold and lonely.
You don't have to break the ice. You can melt the ice with your warmth. Just by saying hello.

Just imagine everybody saying hello to each other and sharing smiles,
instead of ignoring and passing by. 
It would be so great to see our big world be more like a little happy town. :)

When you say hello to strangers, you are blowing little seeds of love and happiness to the world.

They will grow and bloom in their heart and make this world a little more beautiful. <3

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