Dog beach day! July 13, 2013

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Happy's been such a good dog.
I was keep telling myself, "he's such a blessing". And I should change his name to blessing. ;)
I swear in the middle of the night, I wake up and see him in the dark, he looks like an angel.
Because he's all white colored and glowing in my really bad eye sight but anyways he's so awesome!

It's only been little more than two weeks, he already know how to use bathroom, behaves in the house when left alone and learned 4 tricks!
Sit, handshake, roll over and highfive!
He still need to learn little more not to bark at some random stuff or steal food and take stuff out from trash...but he's been a great doggy!
So I had to reward him with great weekend!

I love beach. Last summers, I used to go to beach everyday. This year not so much.
But perfect time to take me and Happy to go to the dog beach in Long beach.
I used to take Max a lot here. It was my favorite things to do in the summer.
So here's some pics of me and max too. :)

Max was a shy dog. He likes people and he doesn't like dogs.
He would go say hi to all the people but avoid all the dogs.
So we used to go out of the coned area for dogs and run on the sand.
He loved the beach just like me! I used to sit down watch him and he would go run around and come back and sit next to me with a sandy face. Miss Max. I need to go visit him soon!

Everything is first time for Happy. I think he was excited but at the same time little nervous.
He didn't know what to do with sand, so he had it on his eyes and that got him bothered.
And he got so thirsty and was licking the sand!
Maybe it was so much at once! Wind, water, sand, dogs and everything!
But Happy is a brave dog! He quickly got used to it and become a beach dog!

I was little worried about letting him loose.
I wanted he wanted but he was barking at every dogs and I wasn't sure if he's gonna attack dogs or run away. Plus he's a super fast runner with those greyhound legs, he would fly away like a rabbit!
But I wanted to trust him and let him loose so we can have more fun!
As soon as he got loose, he was running fast, then when he got little far, he turned back and came back near me! I was so happy!
And with other dogs, he was just barking when he was on the leash.
He was just nicely saying hi to other dogs and play around! Even with big dogs.

I took him near the water. He wasn't scared but he didn't like it! haha.
He's just like me. He just dipped his feet and got out fast.
And I think he became cold, he started making baby face. :)

There's so many great friendly dogs at the beach.
I think dogs are happier at the beach than any other places.
This one was giving me the tennis ball so we can play fetch.
Whenever I come to the dog beach, I have so much fun.
Just by watching all these dogs and the owners having a great time and seeing their smiles with happiness makes me happy.

And Happy gave me this nice pose for a portrait picture.
Then he got tired and cold and we had to go home! :)

On the way out, I saw this beautiful classing mustang convertible!
Which is also my dream car! Same color too!
It's a beautiful car and perfect for the summer in California especially at the beach!
Makes me smile imagining about me driving this car and Happy's on the passenger's side.
One day!!! :)

Here's a link for the info on the dog beach.

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