We went to Echo park! - written on July 4, 2013

Monday, March 01, 2021

Today was the first holiday with Happy.
I told him last night I'm going to take him to Echo park.
He woke me up early and start doing all sort of stuff to get my attention.
Like barking at a mirror. :) Ever since he saw this mirror, he goes up there and start staring and barking at himself. It's the funniest thing ever. But sometimes it gets so intense between Happy and Happy in the mirror, so I have to stop him.

It was a big step for me.
When I feel sick, every little things just seem so huge,
It was the first time in months I actually step out the door by myself and walk more than 5 minutes outside.
I always had social anxiety, on and off from when I was younger. It became really bad recently.
I haven't even talk to my friends or family for long time.
But I made a promise to Happy and I wanted to do it for myself too for us to have a good time and enjoy a beautiful day on 4th of July. Our first holiday together special!

Of course Happy was super excited! He just loves being outside.
Today was such a socal weather.
Beautifully clear sunny blue sky with light breeze around high 70's.
Just so perfect for us to enjoy the day together.

Echo park was closed more than a year. They just finished renovation and reopened few weeks ago.
I used to take Max here all the time. Then it was great too. Now it's the best.
Water is so clear and they planted so many beautiful lotus flowers, they were blooming.
Everything is clean and smells like flowers. Walking around the lake is just so pleasant experience.
Green grass, blue water fountains, pink lotus flowers and palm trees with LA downtown in the background.
I just love this park!
There were many families out together. But I wasn't too lonely, because I have Happy now and we are family! :)
Happy felt the same just look at his face, such a happy soul he is!

This is Moo Goong Hwah. I found it in the park after we finished walking. It's the national flower for Korea.
I thought it was special. Today was really special.
It doesn't have to a big event to make a day special. Just walk around the park with a dog you love and find a beautiful flower, made me smile and that is just enough. <3

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