Our first winter in Korea

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Our first winter in Korea

December 2017 


It was freezing.
We were soooo feeezzzinggg.

But we survived!
Thanks to our cute matching pink hoodies lol!

I was super worried about Happy,
for his first "real winter" experience in Korea.
Since, he was born and raised
in warm LA weather.

He was definitely not a fan of
all these annoying winter gears lol.

Happy was like...
Dude! Why you gotta do this me!

Even for me, Korean winter was so brutal.
It was my first time in 15 years, I felt this real cold winter weather, I missed LA so much...
Then we found Auntie Anne's in my neighborhood...I was so happy!

We also found bomba pizza!
They put it on fire before serving...
Whaaaat the fire?!?!?

And this song kept playing in my head,
whenever we were walking, out in the cold...

California Dreamin'
The Mamas and The Papas


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