Happy and his favorite teddy bear

Friday, March 26, 2021

russ berrie teddy bear

This teddy bear is Happy's

favorite stuffed toy of all time!


russ berrie teddy bear

This teddy bear is made by Russ Berrie company.
I bought this guy on Lufthansa airplane 
in-flight shopping 20 years ago!

That's when I went traveling to Europe
for the first time.
I transferred from Frankfurt to Paris.
So I didn't really get to travel Germany I wish I had and I will one day...for Oktoberfest?! lol

I went Paris, Dijon, Chamonix and then...
forgot the name of the city in Switzerland border...then Rome, Milan, Florence (Firenze?)
My favorite was...
still cannot forget about all the foooood I ate!
OMG!!!...SO GOOD!!!

russ berrie teddy bear

So yeah...back to this teddy bear!
When we moved to Korea, 
 the moment Happy saw this bear,
he immediately fell in love with it!

russ berrie teddy bear

This teddy bear was my favorite teddy bear too.
He took it right away from me.
Happy was like it's all mine now!

russ berrie teddy bear

You can have everything you want Happy!

russ berrie teddy bear

I was so amazed by how so durable and well made this teddy bear is!
All other stuffed toys Happy plays with, all gets destroyed eventually.

But this teddy bear, it's 20 years old and Happy played with it really crazy rough for last 3 years and it's still in it's perfect shape!

I just googled a logo for their company and it says Make someone happy! They made Happy so happy and that made me happy too!

Thank you Russ Berrie for making a great teddy bear. Your teddy bear really make us happy!❤️

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