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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

photo taken on august 18, 2012 by S

saturday night in hollywood with my best friend S

i have a friend
a really good friend.
we were like best friends!

his name is...
let's just call him S for his privacy lol

he always makes me smile just by thinking about him.
even today i was keep smiling all day,
because i was thinking about writing this blog post about him.
he makes me happy even when he's not here with me.
maybe because he was always smiling, such a happy guy.
that's why i liked him a lot.

i rarely ever talk about my friend.
because i don't know...for their privacy and mine too?

i used to always make fun of him for him working at big music company.
which was true, he was working at big music company, i was so proud of him.
whenever there were girls near him,
i would all yell out, "S!!! how was work at big music company!"
so he can get girls lol
whenever i introduce him to my friends,
"his name is S, he works at big music company!"
he used to get so embarrassed.
i used to do so many embarrassing things to him, but he was never embarrassed of me.
seriously...one time i accidently dropped burning charcoals on his legs...-_-but still he didn't even get mad at me...

yesterday i found this pics on my laptop.
S took this photos of me. 
last night i made this into gif just for fun, then all the memories of that night, came alive just like this moving gif photo.

we used to hang out in west hollywood every weekend.
sometimes just two of us or with our mutual friends.
saddle ranch, pink taco, i forgot the name of the irish pub...
wherever we were...we used to so much fun and get druuuuunkkkkkkkk!

then one saturday, we were like let's go hangout in hollywood instead of west hollywood lol
come to think of it, it could've been his birthday...
i'm such a bad friend i don't remember his birthday...

it could've been really his birthday because...
i think instead of drinking jack daniel's which was my favorite,
we were like let's drink tequila for his birthday...

so yeah, we had margaritas at this restaurant was my friend's friend's...
when i first moved to hollywood, i just walked in here and the super cool owner guy gave me
free drinks all night, later found out he's my friend's friend, then i met another guy who works here, he's super cool too. he's my facebook friend lol, i used to be friends with everybody in hollywood lol
all the hollyweirdos were all my friends hahahaa!
but yeah i think the name of the place was "secret" on hollywood blvd where that photos were taken.

then we went to cabo cantina. also on hollywood blvd.
i was used to getting drunk on whiskey but not on tequila...
so we both got crazy crazy drunk drunk...oh my beautiful drunk days!
how do i still remember all this...must be a miracle, miracles do happen everyday everybody!

that night, i even lost my precious blackberry for the first time in my life.
even when i used to pass out drunk, i never lost it, but that night i lost it lol.

my dear friend S.
i love you so much!
you were always so nice to me. i'm so sorry for being a bad friend.
i was so sad i couldn't see you when i went back in 2019. 
i miss you so much, your smile and everything about you.
hope to see you soon, can't wait to hug you again, my best friend forever. <3

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