happy dog walking in the rain

Friday, March 12, 2021


doggy raincoat

last year...
it rained for 50 days straight in korea...
so i had to get Happy a raincoat!

dog walking in the rain

when you lived in LA for years,
 where it rarely ever rains...
you just hate rain period lol

dog raincoat

and Happy and i, 
we had such a hard time 
getting used to
this korean rainy season.

but now Happy doesn't mind the rain...
as much as before...
i mean he still hates it...

he'd rather walk in the light rain than
just staying home all day.

so now, i can't even make a excuse like...
we're not going for a walk today because it's raining!

dog walking in the rain

because this dog knows he can go walk in the rain with his doggy raincoat on!

you smart dog Happy!
you always win!

this was last august...
but it actually rained today too!

rain or shine...

Happy is always so...


here's the video of Happy walking in the rain
with his doggy raincoat!

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