Dog Park Sunday! July 14, 2013

Monday, March 29, 2021

Happy went to the dog park!
We're totally taking advantage of the beautiful summer weekend! :)
Yesterday when we went to the beach, I was sure that I can trust him with other dogs, so I wasn't worried for his first time visit to the dog park.
But as we arrived at the entrance, all these little dogs were coming towards him and barking at him.
Happy turned right back and got out through the little gap from the gate.
It was so funny. I told him it's ok and the owners of the other dogs helped him to fit in. :)

This dog's name is Pickle. We found out he's from the same shelter where Happy came from!
And his name at the shelter was Happy! Cute coincidence! ;)
Happy was so bothered by him because Pickle was keep bugging him by biting his butt and run away.
But they had fun chasing each other. So nice to see dogs saved from shelters and living a happy life.


I like my Sundays more quite, peaceful and relaxing.
Taking him out for little play at the dog park and seeing this beautiful blue sky was just a perfect day!

I hope Happy had a great weekend and I think he did! :)

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