It's been a week! - written on July 5, 2013

Monday, March 15, 2021

It's been exactly one week from the day I adopted Happy from the shelter.
Happy's been a great dog for last 7 days.
I didn't really trained him much and he's a fast learner.
But today was the toughest day ever.

I had little anxiety attack, maybe from last night's fireworks.
Was feeling really down, broke down, just slept all day.
This was how I used to be for last months.
I was doing great since I have Happy with me.

So today, I couldn't take him out for a long walk or play with him.
He started barking a lot, picked up food from trash, peed on the carpet.
I was mad because even if I was down, I still took him out to pee twice, he didn't want to pee outside.
Then I felt bad. I tried but I couldn't try harder and took him out for longer walk.
His behavior was completely my fault.

I'm still battling with myself.
Happy's been the greatest help. Today was only the day I cried this whole week.
Also I was proud of my little trip to the park yesterday.
I just don't have time or I just can't afford to be like how I used to be anymore.
Happy is depending on me. I feed him, I walk him, I do everything.
I have to take care of him and that was my promise to him when I adopted him.
It was my choice to give Happy a good life and I will!

Face to face with Buddy the Hamster :)
I'm always extra cautious with Buddy and Happy.
Happy's always interested but I have to be careful even he doesn't seem like to harm Buddy.
I used to take Buddy out from his cage more often than these days.
Now it's limited since Happy. Happy is so fast and sneaky. He's so good at tricking me.
My eyes on him almost always but I don't know how or when he takes out stuff from the trash or take my shoes and more! And when I catch him he runs around me and makes me chase him and always gets away at the last second. I always end up laughing so hard and I can hear Happy laughing too. ;)

Happy is one year old. He was a stray dog, so they guessed his age.
He's still a puppy. At least he acts like one big time!
He started to like playing and biting my fingers. Not really hard but just to play.
And the faces he's priceless! :)

Happy has the longest legs ever and he likes to show off his funny freckled leg.

Thank you Happy for the great week you gave me.
You are changing my life. I hope I'm doing the same to you and myself too. <3

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