my last selfies and book recommendation

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

august 20, 2019
my last selfies

i stopped taking selfies.
i stopped going out.
i disappeared again.
even all before 2020 happened...

so it feels like this 2020 thing has been going on for forever. but i got to read a lot of books, so that was nice! and what else...

i think "the power of now" book was such a powerful book, "a new earth" was kinda soft, if that makes any sense...

because when i first read the power of now, maybe like 15 years ago, i was like omg wow, it was so eye opening and felt like a spiritual awakening moment. when i read that book, i really felt like something came to me and changed my life.

so i was kinda expecting the same experience from this new earth book but didn't feel the same. i mean it's a good book but it's just a different book obviously.

i moved a lot in LA so i lost most of my books and the power of now book too, i bought it again then i moved again and then i lost it again...maybe i will buy it again and read it again and hopefully never lost it again!

if you haven't read the power of now, i highly recommend it for whoever interested in spirituality or it's just a great book in general.

it might change your life forever.


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