#ThrowbackThursday My First Dogs - Happy #Blogmas Day 17

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hello Happy Friends!
It's Throwback Thursday! :)

Here's a pic of my first rescue dog Pomy on the left and my first dog Poly on the right. <3
Poly was like my dream come true. 
I was asking my parents I wanted a dog everyday.
Then finally one day my dad brought Poly!

Pomy was found with a injured leg in front of the animal hospital that Poly used to go to.
They had to amputate the leg and was looking for someone to adopt him.
I begged my mom for many days and brought him home.
Now it's been such a long time and they are both in heaven. :)

And maybe this one was my real first puppy!
I have no memory of this dog but I look so happy so I must have really loved this dog! :)

Do you remember your first dogs?
What were their names?

Let's thank our dogs in heaven for the sweet memories. <3

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