December Love with Food Tasting Box Review! :)

Monday, December 28, 2015

Love with Food Tasting Box

Hello! Happy Friends! :)
How are you doing today? <3
Remember my first subscription box experience with Love with Food?
I'm back with another Love with Food subscription box review! ;)

*I paid for the subscription with my own expense. Links are affiliate. :)

December's theme is Chocolate makes the world go around.
They send you a paper with all the information about the snacks you receive. 
You can find out if the snack is gluten free or organic.
And this month there are a lot of organic items! :)

First item is organic tea from Numi!
I've already tried teas from this company and they are really great quality!
I was so happy to see this, because I'm a tea lover .:)

Turmeric is strong anti inflammatory and anti oxidant!
Very good stuff for you!
I love they included chocolate earl grey tea too.
Balance is the key! :)

I've always wanted to try this peanut butter powder and it was in the box! <3
I'm gonna make banana smoothies with this!
It's gonna be so gooooood, right? ;)

It's NON GMO and Made in USA! 
Just like most of the items from Love with Food.
Nothing bad for you in here. :)

This one is organic, gluten free, vegan, non gmo and kosher! ;)
Also it's hand made! <3

You Love Fruit is a cute name too! :)
Mango and coconut sounds so fresh and delicious!

Talking about cute, check this one out! ;)
It's brownie cookies!!! <3
I still remember brownie brittle from last box.
It was the best thing ever! Can't wait to try this one. :D

I love corns. 
But I don't really eat them often anymore since I've heard of corn is one of the most common gmo food.
This one is NON GMO! <3
I can enjoy it without any worries. :)

Next is Luna bar!
This is quite popular and I've tried couple of times.
I've never tried Chocolate Peppermint flavor! YUMMM! ;)

Bean Chips!!!
I still remember when I first tried bean chips.
I thought it was gonna be so weird but it was soooooo gooood! ;)

Check out all these healthy thingys. ;)
Just relax and enjoy! :D

More chocolates?!?!
And they are gourmet. ;)
I ate the one on the right, right away.....
So Yummy! <3

This month, they also included a Lip Balm!
It's a little thing but such a sweet holiday gift. :)

Talking about gift, when you buy a box, one meal is donated to the people in need. <3

Love with Food Tasting Box

I love my December Love with Food Tasting Box! :)
I really like the variety and the quality of the snacks.

For the next month, I've upgraded to Deluxe Box!
It's so easy to upgrade, change or cancel the service.
You don't have to call or email, you can just do it through your account setting online. :)
So far it's been a great experience with this company! :D

If you want to try Love with Food, Use the links below for discounts. <3

First tasting box for $5.99!
First Gluten Free box 50% off!
Check out all subscription options here,

What's your favorite from this month? ;)
Check out my November Box review HERE. :)

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