My First Succulents! The Little Plants of Happiness! - Happy #Blogmas Day 7

Monday, December 07, 2015

Happy Monday!
How's your December going?
Finally I got my first Succulents! <3

I've had mini cactus plants before but these are my first non cactus succulent plants. :)
Cactis are succulents too. I've learned recently.
I live in a small apartment and still wanted to have some living plants around me.
To absorb some happy green energy from the nature. <3

My mom always had so many plants indoors and I was inspired by her,
when I went back to Korea couple of months ago.

I picked these up at Sunset Nursery on Sunset Blvd.
They have so many pretty plants! 
Such a lovely place to stop by. <3 

I don't know their names but I just love how adorable they are! ;)
Does anyone know the names of my new succulent plants? :)

Succulent plants have so many different looks and names.
And they are easy to care!
They need little water since they are desert plants.
You can also propagate easily too!

I've always thought growing plants are so complicated!
Now I'm so interested growing succulent plants! :)

I picked this one because it loos like a palm tree.
I really love palm trees. <3

I was all imagining this one growing like a real tall palm tree. :)
I wonder how this one will grow!

I've been staring at them all day.
They are such a delight to look at and have them around.
If you and your room need some lift up, try getting some succulent plants. <3

What do you think about these plants?
Do you have succulent plants or any other indoor plants?
Please give me some advice for growing them. :)

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