Sunny Sunday - Happy #Blogmas Day 6

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Hello Happy Sunday!
Today was warm and sunny in LA.
How was your day?

Me and mommy wanted to feel like Christmas season.
But warm weather and palm trees make us feel like summer vacations! ;)

Let's see what I can do!

My name is Santa Happy! ;) 
Did it work?
Does it feel a little more like Christmas?

What else can I do to make it feel like Christmas season?

Snow would be nice, like the yesterday's blog post HERE.
We do have snow here in the mountains but it's little bit far away from us.
I think we're just gonna go see some Christmas trees around the town. :)

We don't even have winter clothes! ;p

We are a little too spoiled with warm sunny weather here.

And ducks!

Ducks...I can stare at them all day!

Do you like ducks?
I bet you do, if you are a dog! ;)

We hope are enjoying your happy holiday seasons!
Sending warmth and sunshine to you! <3

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