Crazy Saturday Night - Happy #Blogmas Day 12

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Happy Saturday Happy Friends!
How's your Saturday night going?


Ok...that was my crazy Saturday nights before.
And this is my typical Saturday with my therapist.

With Dr. Happy!

Say Hello to Dr. Happy!
He always greets us with a warm smile.

Dr. Happy says, "Ok, tell me EVERYTHING!"

I'm a dog but we can party too!

And maybe we can have some peanut butter shots?

It's good for us dogs and you humans and no hangovers! ;)

What do you think?
Do you have some peanut butter?

It's ok if you don't have peanut butter.
We can just talk all night. :)

My name is Dr. Happy and I'm here to hear you all day and night! ;)
Happy Saturday Night Happy Friends! <3

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