Santa Happy Goes Holiday Shopping to HotDogCollars! - Happy #Blogmas Day 10

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hello, Happy Friends!
It's Santa Happy again! :)
He's on the blog almost everyday now. ;)

*Santa Happy aka Happy is an Official Spokesdog for HotDogCollars.
We were given store credit and not paid to write this review.
HAPPY HAZEL only post honest opinions. :)

Happy finally got to try Zukes treats!
We got Zukes mini Naturals Salmon and Chicken.
We've heard a lot of good things about Zukes before. :)
And HotDogCollars carries them!

Cute packaging, right? :)

In the back, there's all the information we need.

Made in USA!
HotDogCollars carries so many Made in USA products.
Quality you can trust.

Check out the ingredients!
Nothing funny or weird.

Yummy good stuff and only tiny calories per treat. :)

Fuel the Love! <3
Dogs love these tiny chewy treats!
They are great for training. :)
Also great for a stocking stuffer!

Salmon is the first ingredient! YES! ;)

Happy loves salmon. :)

Wait...what are you wearing Happy?

Oh. this is my new custom hoodie from HotDogCollars!

What do you mean it's a custom hoodie Happy?

Oh...let me show you! ;)

Look! There's my name on it! <3
It's embroidered. ;)
You can choose any letter and colors too!

I got lovely light blue color.
They also got pink and different colors too. :)
It has an opening for the leash too! :)

Sometimes it gets chilly in LA and this hoodie is so perfect for this weather!

How do I look?

See, people can read my name when they see me. :)

I wanna say hello to everyone I meet. :)

Because I'm a good dog!


Yes you are Happy!

Thanks Mommy! ;)

Good dog HAPPY! :)

Happy's so happy again with his HotDogCollars shopping experience!
We love so many personalized stuff you can choose from and quality selections of treats and chews.

Santa Happy says it's a perfect place to go holiday shopping for your dogs and dog lover friends!

It's always so much fun to go holiday shopping for your loved ones 
and think how happy they will be when they get your thoughtful gift. :)

There's so much happiness in giving! <3

Check out these links for the products in this post. :)

Zukes Mini Naturals Treats

Personalized Embroidered Pet Hoodie

Tie Dye Dog Leash

Custom ID Collars

Heart Pet Id Tag

Check out HotDogCollars for more! :)

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