Dreaming of Happy Christmas :) - Happy #Blogmas Day 23

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hello Happy Friends!
It's Happy and it's almost Christmas!

We were having a mini party with our little buddies, Miss Penguin and Mr. Snowman. :)

How's your holidays going?
If you are happy, I'm happy for you! :)
If you are lonely, you are welcome to our party. <3

I'm dreaming of Happy Christmas for everyone!

Christmas is a great time for us to send love and prayers to the world. :)
I'm sending so much love and praying for my friends at animal shelters. <3

I wish many animal friends find their forever loving home this Christmas.
If you want to adopt a sweet dog like me, reading this post can help you. ;)

Miss Penguin and Mr. Snowman agree with me!

Let's share love with our friends, family, strangers and everyone.
Warm hugs, sweet kisses and by saying I LOVE YOU! :)
So much Happiness! :D

What are you dreaming of for this Christmas? <3

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