Throwback Thursday into My 80's Winter - Happy #Blogmas Day 3

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Hello! Happy Friends!
Happy Blogmas Day3!
Today is Throwback Thursday. :)
Let's go back to the lovely 80's.
And I was walking in a winter wonderland. <3

I was a Baby Doll.
I still love teddy bears so much. Maybe it started from then! :) 
Look at that huge radio/cassette player and a cute colored phone, also huge. ;)

My First Christmas Eve wearing traditional Korean dress Hanbok.
All shiny and colorful. <3
I'd love to wear one again! ;)

I grew up with Disney.
I've always loved Disney since I was little.
We had a huge story book set of Disney and 
my mom used to read me different stories every night before I go to sleep. <3

Snowy day at the playground with my little brother my cousin took this picture.
I still remember this clearly. We were playing with snow and it was so much fun!
We used to love snowy day. 
We used to snow fight, make Snowmen and there were so much to do!

Santa Claus at my Kindergarten.
It says Merry Christmas in Korean on the wall.
Still remember how excited I was to meet real Santa Claus and my hands were shaky too. :)
I loved that doll so much, I used to sleep with it every night.

I wish I could meet real Santa Claus again! <3
He was really real. Santa Claus is always real.
Have you met Santa Claus before?
I hope you meet him this Christmas! :)

I love looking at old pictures.
It brings back so much memories with joy.
Always makes me smile!
How about finding some old pictures of you and bring some happiness to your life today? :D

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