Off The Beaten Path - Happy #Blogmas Day 21

Monday, December 21, 2015

Los Angeles

Happy Monday Happy Friends!
Follow us off the beaten path! ;)

It was just around 4pm and the moon was so bright in the sky. <3

We were at this trail we've never walked before.

New adventure awaits!

Wait, then again, we were feeling that weird feeling of not knowing what's ahead of us!

Don't worry Happy.
If we ever get lost in the dark, we can follow the pretty city lights. :)

Los Angeles

Sun was going down so fast, like if they want us to get so lost. 


Happy hopped on the top of the tree and started looking for the way out.

Oh there it is!
Along the palm trees and tall buildings, we live somewhere around there. :)
Palm Trees

Los Angeles

When was the last time you went off the beaten path? :)
How was your journey? ;)

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