Flowers Over Friday :) - Happy #Blogmas Day 18

Friday, December 18, 2015

Rose of Sharon

Here are some flowers for you!

This is national flower of Korea but I found it in LA. :)
I was so happy to meet them. ;)

Rose of Sharon

It's called Moogoonghwa.
I believe they are in hibiscus family.
In English it's called Rose of Sharon.

Rose of Sharon

I didn't really realize how beautiful they were, when I was living in Korea.
But they are so beautiful to me now. :)

Happy Dog Smile

Oh! And this flower too!
His name is Happy Flower. :D
Flowers always make us smile and feel good.
Me and Happy wants to be like flowers for you through this blog! ;)

Here's my original Flowers Over Friday post from back in June.

Check out more blog posts with flowers. <3

For more flowers, type "Flowers" in the search box. :)

Do you know your country's national flower?
...I just googled national flower of USA and it says it's rose! I never knew that and I love roses. ;)

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