Happy Mail is Here from Uncustomary!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Monday Everyone!
It's really happy happy monday!
Look at all these happy things! <3

Remember this Post about my favorite blog?
Yes! It's from Mary from Uncustomary.org ! <3
She's like a happiness fairy goddess. :)

This envelope itself is screaming happiness. <3

I opened it up and took a peek of it, like a little happy kid. :)

Is this my birthday or Christmas?
Wow! It was so much fun and excitement! :)
So colorful and happy. <3
I really love random things and I couldn't stop smiling at a dinosaur and a brain. ;)

And these made me wanna make a wish blowing them! <3

This is something I'll keep forever! <3

Happy agrees! :)

The highlight of this Happy Mail was this mirror!
I was like WOW!
What a surprise!
It was so touching...
I once had "BEAUTIFUL" stickers on my mirror.
One day took it all off when I was mad. (-_-)
Now I got this! :)
This is absolutely my favorite thing now!
Feels like it has a magic power. <3
I look really beautiful in it! :)

Happy just woke up and he was making monday face...;)
If you need a little more happiness and smile in your life, please go check out


My favorite part is Happiness category. :)
I would like to thank Mary so much for making this world so much more beautiful!

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