Love Heals More Than You Will Ever Know

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Happy Saturday to you! How are you doing?
I stumbled upon this Post by The Bloggess on Bloglovin' the other day.
As I mentioned last time on my Post here about my depression.

It made me kinda think a lot.
And it reminded me to find this one special picture I took last year.

When I was suffering with a severe depression, sometimes I couldn't even go out the door.

I would have to win the battle within myself and make so much effort and be so brave enough to take a step outside and take Happy out to the park.

That day I made it outside.
He loves running on the grass a lot!
So I let him loose at the park.
He went running everywhere like crazy, having so much fun!

I was sitting on the bench by myself, just looking at the sky, breathing deeply.
I was so lost and depressed. Even on that beautiful sunny day outside.
So many sad thoughts were going through my head. 
I was just about to cry.
Then he saw me.

He ran right back to me and sat down on my lap.
And he was just looking at my face.
This is the picture I took.

He's a dog. He doesn't talk. 
But he spoke to me.

"Hey, Are you okay?"

"I'll be here with you okay?"

He just sat down on my lap and never moved.

We don't need any words to understand each other.
We just need love and hearts for each other.

Love heals more than you will ever know.
And we will never know, because we can only feel. <3

I feel Happy's love and I feel better than last year, better than yesterday and I'll be even better tomorrow!

If you know someone who is depressed or going through hard times, share your heart and show them some love, let them know how much you care. 
Remember you don't need so many words, just be there for them. :)
Give up them warm hugs that will warm their heart and melt their sadness away. <3

If you are the one with depression, I care for you, I pray for you and I am with you!
You are not alone! Me and Happy we are always here to cheer for you. :D
Tell us how you feel today, let some sadness out! So you can make some space for happiness. :)

Have a happy happy weekend!

With LOVE 

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