Sunday Feeling

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Hello Happy People!
How are you doing today?
It's Sunday and Day 7 of my June daily blog challenge!
Can't believe I made it. :)

I usually spend my Sundays at home doing nothing. :)
Isn't it the best?
Sundays always feel like a free day.
Relaxing and peaceful day. <3

For Happy, Sunday is another Funday!
And it's a great day for a dog park when many dogs come out and play. :)
So much fun makes Happy fly!

Or sometimes we go to the beach.
Happy is usually crazy hyper excited outside. :)
Beach is the only place outside where Happy takes time to sit down and relax.

I used to go to beach almost everyday and whenever I could. 
Even when I was busy I used to always make time to go.
I had a friend I asked her to go to the beach with me so many times.
Finally she got a day off and went to the beach with me.
We had a great time! So much fun and relaxing. :)
She was so busy she said that was her first time in a year!

I'm a huge beach lover.
Once you feel the love of the beach and fall in love, maybe you will understand. <3
In LA, we are so lucky, we are blessed with beautiful weather all year and beaches are so close.<3
If you live near beach, please make some time for yourself and your soul and visit more often. :)
It's maybe the perfect time, because it's just a beginning of the summer!
If you go early or weekdays, you can enjoy the calm and peaceful beach, sometimes all to yourself!
All yours and free! :)

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Happy Sunday Everybody!!!
How do you spend your Sunday?

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