June Favorites and The Finale of June Daily Blog Challenge :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy last day of June everyone! <3
Finally I made it! 
I blogged everyday in June! :)
And here are my June Favorites.

Happy Mail from Mary from Uncustomary!
See this Post for more detail. :)

So much Happiness in this small envelope. <3
Check her out on Uncustomary.org
And her Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/uncustomaryart

I won a giveaway!
See this Post.
It's a Handmade Personalized Monogrammed Double Eyeglasses Case by Jillian.
HH is for Happy Hazel. :)
Feels so special to have something with our name on. <3

Jillian is so talented and creative!
Check her out on her website and Etsy shop. :)

It's a baseball season!
Dodgers are doing great. :)
How about your team?
We are really loving this MLB Jersey for dogs. <3
Get your here. 

My favorite flower pic of this month. <3
Echo park is blooming with beautiful Lotus Flowers.
You should visit to witness these beauties before they are gone. :)

Happy's new cutest custom shirt. :)
See this Post and this Video. <3

Happy's June Favorite is definitely this 12 inch Bully stick. ;)

Bully sticks are his favorite things to chew. :)
This one lasted long time because it was long enough!
We got it here.

I really loved this Argan Oil from www.puritan.com
It's the lightest feeling oil I've ever used.
I use for my face and hair.
Makes my skin and hair feels so soft without heavy oily feeling.
Perfect for even hot summer time. :)

I loved these photos with Happy and the bear. :)
My friend bought me this bear when we were in West Hollywood.
We used to go gay bar hopping in WeHo. It used to be so much fun. :)

"Happy never judge. Happy always embrace."
This post was popular on Our Instagram. <3

It was a good month.
Some days were quite challenging for me to blog.
I quit so many times in my mind.
But I made it! :)
It was a good learning experience for me to know, how it really feels like to blog everyday and make a daily commitment. :)

If you followed us, thank you so much and we hope you enjoyed our daily blog. <3
Happy July and Happy Summer, Happy Friends! :)

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