Sweet Sméagol Teaches Us How to Be Free!

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Yesterday was National Best Friend Day.
Yes. There's a day for Everything.
I hope you didn't miss the National Doughnut Day! :)
Oh there was a National Grilled Cheese Day too...woo I love Grilled Cheese. <3

Talking about friends...Just reminded me...I know it's so random but...

This scene in the movie "The Lord of The Rings"!
aka the best movie ever and my favorite movies ever! :)

Also this scene is my favorite too!
It's when Gollum is talking to himself.
Gollum is actually his evil inner voice taken him over.
But his true self is Smeagol.

I love when Gollum says, "You don't have any friends. Nobody likes you."
I remember when I first saw the movie in the theater I laughed so hard.
And it still makes me laugh.
Not because it's funny that he doesn't have any friends and nobody likes him.
It's because I say that to myself all the time inside my head whenever I start doubting myself.

I start by thinking nobody cares about me and nobody likes me and
I still think that sometimes maybe too often whenever things start going bad.
Like today, I was telling myself the same story...!

But in reality I do have many friends. I have really good friends.
Awesome and amazing people who love me so much.
I'm the one who pushes them away and go hide in my shell.
Because you know I'm weird sometimes...like Gollum. LoL. ;)

Then Smeagol gets brave and tells Gollum to leave now and never come back!
How awesome is that? :) Love him!
Such an inspiration!

Image Source: www.lastlemon.com

Sometimes we are the biggest critics of our own.
We need let go and silence that voice of negativity and 
Listen to our heart and find our true selves.
Be strong and be brave! 
So we can be free and be happy and we will be dancing! :)

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