Hot in LA

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hot Hot Hot!
How are you doing?
It's hot everyday now in LA! :)

Clear sky and sunshine make Happy smile. <3

I "parked" Happy here so I can take pictures of him. :)
Like if I'm "parking" a horse. ;)

Is there a word for it? Hahaha!
Whenever I see something like this, I call it a horse parking.

Happy must be wondering why I am keep taking pictures with those buildings in the background.

Seeing those buildings brings back so much memories.
Good and bad and empty ones.
Still LA is my favorite city and it's my best friend. :)
We've been growing old together for almost 13 years.
And I've been in love with LA for all my life.

I can't even imagine how Happy was a stray dog, roaming around in this crazy city!
Somehow we met in this city and we are together making new memories forever. <3
LA must be the city of angels after all, for connecting us with love. :)

So we love this city even more. <3

We want our lives to be filled with love and happiness.
And we wish the same for you wherever you are.

Drink a lot of water and stay cool and hydrated this summer!
Have so much fun and make so much memories!
They last forever! <3

Be Happy today, tomorrow and forever!
Sending you love and happiness from the city of angels from Happy and Hazel. <3

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