Happy Friday from Happy and Flowers

Friday, June 05, 2015

Happy Friday and Happy Weekends to you!
How are you doing? How was your week?

Today is Day 5 of my June daily blog challenge! :)
Yay, I've blogged everyday for a full weekdays!

Check them out right here. <3

I was gonna download some photos for blogging from my old laptop.
But it didn't want to turn on...:/
So I'm using fresh photos that I took today. :)
So fresh you can even smell the flowers in the pictures. <3

We just came back our little walk in the park.
It's always such a great feeling to be outside even for a little bit.

Flowers and sunshine make us so happy with their beautiful brightness. 
It's unconditional love from nature.
Open your heart and receive it for your happiness.
It's good for you and your soul.

Even if you are not a happy hippy spiritual person :), it is scientifically proven that colors and fragrant from flowers elevate your mood and vitamin d from sunshine boosts your serotonin level which is also known as happy hormone! :)

See? :D Hey! There's no excuse but this weekend...

Go an Smell the Roses! <3

What's your plan for this weekend? :)

PS - If you have few second, Please vote for Happy on #FirstDayHome Photo Contest! 
Thank you So MUCH! <3<3<3 http://bit.ly/1FxdDJi

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