Smile or Shoes?

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Hello Everyone! Happy Throwback Thursday! :)
This is me 3-4 years ago in Santa Monica before going to the beach with friends.
I love this picture because I love my happy smile and I remember how happy I was.
And I have a story to tell you!

I was going to a fine restaurant with my friend.
At the parking lot, a very nice car pulled in.
It was a white Bentley with a blinged out license plate.
And a girl walked out of the car with a most beautiful shoes you will ever see!
I think it was Christian Louboutin shoes.
It was like this one right here.

It was so sparkling and shining like star lights!
Like a slow motion movie moment!

I was like, "It's the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen!"
I still think that was the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen. 
And everyone was staring at her shoes too.
People were saying "Wow your shoes are so beautiful!"
Even I told her "I love your shoes." :)

But I realized one thing.
She looked so uncomfortable. She wasn't smiling at all.
I thought she would feel like Cinderella with her car and those shoes and feel so pretty and happy.

People were just looking at her shoes. Not her.
I don't even remember her face, I just remember her shoes.

Then I looked down at my shoes...
In my mind, I was like Oh, man...why mines are not shiny!
Hey, I want to wear Cinderella shoes too! ;)
That kinda made me smile, well I was always smiling.
So I was smiling. Then we both entered the elevator.

And a gentleman told me, "Wow, you have a beautiful smile!"
It was little ironic because that was the same person who told her earlier she has beautiful shoes.

Everyone was looking at my face.
And of course that made me smile even more. :):):)
I always get so many compliments on my smile!
Hey, at least I'm good at something. ;)

Would you rather be remembered by your smile or your shoes?
I mean I love that shoes and everything. 
It was the most beautiful shoes in the world I've ever seen! But!

I'd rather have a beautiful smile and be remembered by my smile!

And it's free! I like free stuff! Who doesn't? :)
I just checked those shoes are...stupid...stupid expensive...;)

Of course you can have both!
But no matter how beautiful the shoes are, it will never be more beautiful than a beautiful smile.
Because it's not about what you wear, it's about who you are. :)

So be happy, wear a smile and let it shine!

You don't need all that bling bling when you have a light within you! :)
Your smile is brighter than any other blings you can buy!
And it's the most beautiful and powerful thing you can carry everywhere you go! <3

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So I choose smile!
How about you?
Of course, I love shoes too. 
High heels makes me feel like a model princess. YES!
But always remember it's not about shoes or things.

It's about you and how you feel about yourself! <3

I can always be barefooted at be at the beach, feel like a mermaid and smile all day anyways. :)
Choose smile! Because you are already so beautiful, just by being you! :)

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