Things That I Can Not Do

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy Tuesday Happy Friends!
How are you doing today?

We just came back from the park.
And we met this cool dog!
He didn't have a collar on.
I looked around and nobody seems to be his owner.

I was trying to catch him but he wouldn't even let me touch him.
The park ranger thought he was my dog.
Because he was playing with Happy.
I told him he seems like a lost dog.
He was trying to grab him and he was making a phone call.

I always try to help lost dogs.
But it's always hard.
They are usually scared and trying to run away.
Last time I found two dogs on the street and called animal service desperately for a help and they never showed up.
I got so upset.

I was trying my best to make them stay away from cars.
Somehow they ended up at their house.
And I told the owner, they were wandering around by cars passing by.
The owner was not even aware of the dogs were gone.
And didn't really care they were back.
I couldn't believe it!

Recently the cats I've been feeding for 6 months,(see this Post) they stopped showing up.
I was trying to find them every night, but they were gone.
I think sometimes other cats come and they fight and get scared.
Or they just left for mating or a new place or I don't know.
I was researching online for feral cat behaviors and all that and my mind was just going crazy.
Because I'm worried and disappointed at the same time.

There are so many things in this world like that.
I'm still learning this lesson of life I must learn.
Let go of things I can not do and tell myself I'm doing my best!
Choosing faith instead of fears.
Sounds like the easiest thing to do but it's really hard sometimes.

When I was a little girl, I was so worried about birds that they wouldn't have anything to eat in the winter times.
And told my mom I have to go feed the birds outside because there's nothing to eat outside.
My mom told me God feeds them and takes care of all the animals.

Today I let go of things I can not do.
I trust and have faith in God that everything is taken care of.
Everything is gonna be just fine! <3

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