Back To The Wild West! Paramount Ranch to The Beach!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Sunday Everyone!
We time traveled and went back to the wild west. :)
We saw this cool place on TV and had to go!

It's called Paramount Ranch.
They filmed bunch of cool movies and TV shows here. :)
I love the wild west stuff!
It was amazing to be in this little western town. :)
Free parking and free entrance too!

Happy was feeling like a movie star on set!

Although, he feels like that everyday and everywhere. :)

It was really hot!
So it really felt like we're in the wild west time. :)
Happy's face was kinda too happy for that time though. <3

Town itself is pretty small with few buildings.
Didn't get much photos since there was a wedding and photoshoots and it was too hot!
I always gotta watch the heat for Happy.
This little one gets hot fast!

But there are trails in the back to the mountain!
Next time we'll go on an adventure there.
It seemed really quiet and peaceful. :)
Great place for a hiking!...when it's not too hot! ;)

Soooooo we went to the beach in Malibu!
You can go down the Kanan Rd which is a beautiful scenic drive through Mountains and tunnels!
You can get to my favorite beach Point Dume in Malibu!
They also filmed so many movies and commercials there.
And there's a little easy hiking trail with a great ocean view!
I will post it more about it next time with pictures. :)

This time we stopped by the little beach right by Pacific Coast Highway. :)
Happy was already exhausted at this point. ;)

I'll take you to Point Dume next time Happy! :)
Meanwhile, let's leave some paw prints here. :)

Beach is always a great idea!

It was a great weekend spending at the beach.
I was sooooo happy and felt so much better and felt everything's just so fine. <3
And today is the first day of summer.
Summer is of course my favorite season. :)
Happy Summer Everyone! <3

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