Mr. Happy Smiles

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy Wednesday To You from HAPPY! <3
If Happy had a last name, it would've been Smiles.
Mr. Smiles. 
Everybody say hello to Mr. Happy Smiles! :)

I also call him Dr. Smile.
Because he's a doctor of happiness. :)
Be careful though...
His smile is very contagious! <3

Funny Face

Dog and Flowers

The weather was little gloomy, but
Flowers were blooming and Happy was smiling!
It was a brightest day! <3

Happy Smile
Just too much... 

We started going out more regularly!
And this dog just way too happy about it! :)
He just can't hide his happiness.
Why should he anyways? :)

Be Happy and shine your light bright out!
It's Ok to be You! The Happy YOU!

Sometimes unhappy people gets jealous and intimidated by your happiness.
Don't ever let them dull your shine and take away your happiness!
Because it's all yours, not theirs! :)

Always remember to stay far away from anyone who tries to stop your happiness. :)
Even Happy runs away from me when I try to grab him when he's running.

Cute Dog Smile

Dog Smiling

You are your own boss of your happiness. <3
You are in charge of your smile. :)

Your smile and your happiness brightens a day and make this world beautiful!
Thank you for your smile! Thank you for your happiness!
Thank you for being beautiful. <3

Yes. YOU! :)

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