A Secret Garden of Los Angeles

Monday, June 29, 2015

We don't have Hobbits here, but we have a secret garden in LA!
Did you know? :)


It's called Ferndell. <3

Many years ago, I found out about this magical place from Huell Howser.
See this link.


I was so amazed, because I've been to Griffith Park so many times.
But I never knew about this place before.
And it was so beautiful and peaceful!
So ever since then, we've been coming here so often. :)

And Fairies live here...including this Happy Fairy. :)

It feels so different then any other places in LA.
A lovely little hidden gem. <3

It's a perfect place to come especially on a hot day.
All the lovely trees and water provides you with shades and cool air!
You can really "breathe". <3
Like Ahhh. :)

Walk slow and enjoy the view.
So relaxing and healing. <3

It's the best place to calm your mind and refresh your soul. :)

Look what we found!
If you are looking for love, go into the nature! <3
And we were not even looking for it.
It just showed up as a beautiful surprise! :)

It's a sign.
This place really is magical. <3

This magical dog liked Happy and kept looking back and didn't want to go with his owner. :)


Nature always give us so much unconditional love for our soul. <3
And that's magic. :)

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