Happy's New Custom Shirt! :) HotDogCollars.com Review

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Custom Dog T-Shirt from HotDogCollars.com
Happy Saturday To You!
My happy friends! :)
My name is Happy! What's yours?
Check out Happy's new custom shirt!

We went to our favorite park for our little walk.
Because Happy had to show off his new shirt with his name on! :)

It was little cloudy but lotus flowers were so pretty and Happy's face was so funny. :)

Blooming Lotus Flowers

I remember when I was a little kid, my mom bought me a shirt with my name on!
Just like this one! 
I was so happy and proud of my shirt. :)
I still remember how it looked like.
It was a white shirt with a picture of a pretty girl cartoon character in the middle,
then my name below and had red short sleeves.

So amazing that I remember how I felt wearing that shirt after so many years.
I must have really loved that shirt. :)
I wonder how Happy feels with his shirt. <3
He's little bit shy with other people but he gets happy when people say his name.

I made a short video of our walk today!
It was just another day but a happy day! :)
Hope you are having a happy day too! <3

Happy is 11 pounds and wearing small size, Jack Russel Design.
It's tight fitted because he has a deep greyhound chest. ;)
We would get a size larger next time.
Sizing info is on HotDogCollars website.

Happy's custom shirt
Happy's custom collar

What's your dog's name?
What would you put on your dog's shirt? :)

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