Is It Just Another Day or Oh Happy Day!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Just another oh so happy day with happy smile!
Why so happy?
Why not! :)

I woke up kinda tired today and just wanted to stay home.
Then of course this dog wanted to go out!

Happy's smile melted my tiredness away. :)

And today's weather was so perfect!

Sunny and breezy! <3

He just couldn't stop smiling. :)

It's so rare when Happy sits when he's outside!
Because he's always so excited outside.
He looks like a really good dog here. <3
He's like let me model for you. ;)

I can tell how he appreciated me so much for taking him out to the park today!
It was so worth it!

Happiness Overload :)
He's my dog and everything but he made me laugh so much with his funny smiles in these pictures. <3

Beautiful day with a beautiful dog!
Oh such a perfect day!
I'm glad I spent it with you. 
Have a beautiful day everyone! <3

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