Travel to Travel Town

Monday, June 08, 2015

Happy Monday Happy Friends!
How are you doing today?

We didn't do much this weekend.
We just traveled to Travel Town in Griffith Park. :)
It's an outdoor museum with bunch of cool old trains!

Kids love this place.
Me and Happy kid love this place too! :)
There were birthday parties everywhere!
Very family friendly and relaxing spot.

You can also ride this mini train!
How cool is that!

Also great spot for photoshoot!
Look at him.
Model mode Happy. :)
Remember this Post?

Pink Train?
Yes, Please! <3

I really love old western stuff.
I think they are really really cool.
Like in the Back to the future movie! ;)
Oh I love that movie so much, watched it so many times! <3 
And I wanna watch it again! Is it on Netflix? ;)

I didn't get many good pictures because I was confused with my new camera settings.
The focus was all off! :/ 
I figured it out when I got home. Still learning this DSLR stuff! :)
We will go back and take more pictures! 

We enjoyed our tiny travel to Travel Town. :)
He really loves going to new places that he never been to.
Like a little kid, he gets all excited!
Gets me excited too!

You don't need to go so far away to travel.
Find somewhere near by you that you never been to.
So much fun to go find a hidden local gem!
And it makes you feel like you are traveling too. :)

We hope you have a happy, fun and amazing week! <3<3<3

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