Two Random Things About Me - #4

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
I'm back with two random things! :)

1. I've done a Bikini Car Wash before.
It was like 2-3 years ago.
There was a fund raising for someone's father's medical bill.
I volunteered to do it in bikini since that time I was living in bikini. :)
It seemed so much fun in the movies and stuff too. Haha!

It was a crazy day.
Because the night before, I went out with my friends.
And I drank too much.
I was gonna stay over at my friend's house then I remembered I had to go car wash!
So I got home really late and just knocked out.
I think I was throwing up all night and got really sick.
But somehow I woke up early even without alarm.
Then I realized my phone is missing!
That was the only one time I lost my phone.
I was freaking out. Because I was really addicted my blackberry!

Somehow I managed to get ready and went out for the car wash.
I started the car and it didn't want to start!
Battery was dead and it needed a jump start.
I literally had to stop cars passing by to ask for a help, because I didn't have a phone!
I was looking for a payphone, I found one and it didn't even work!
Then I tried to find a place with a wifi so I could send a text with my ipod.
There was none! 

After so many cars, one gentleman stopped and helped me.
So finally I made it to the place and helped them out with the car washing!
I raised a lot of money.
People were giving me extra money for me, of course I gave everything for the fundraising!
I was really sick and hungover and almost gave up to go.
Plus it was the hottest day ever with no shade under the hot sun all day!

I don't know how I made it through that day.
But I felt good that I could help!
And I didn't give up! :)

2. I drove a Ferrari before...
Not so much, I just grabbed the steering wheel. :)
Me and my friend, we were in Malibu and we're heading back home.
Then we saw this nice car at the gas station.
My friend was like hey let's go talk to him so we can take picture with it.
I'm the shy one I was like nonono.

Then the car left but he pulled into the parking lot near by.
And we followed him. LoL.
I love my friend.
It was always so much fun with her, because whenever I'm shy and hesitant, 
she pushes me to have so much fun! :)
She talked to him and asked him if we can take pictures with his car.

He was the nicest person ever.
He said go inside and take picture as much as we want.
So we took pictures in and out and side and back and everything. :)
He said he just bought the car and he's grateful.
He was so humble and relaxed. How cool! :)
Whenever I see this picture I remember this time.

So it makes me smile.
And makes me think, I hope I didn't drop sand all over his car.
Because we're at the beach all day and I'm pretty sure I did. ;) 
It was always an adventure with my friend.

Have a happy day, happy friends! :)

PS - Do you have a friend who love to do crazy fun things together? <3

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