Hello Happy Friends! <3 Today is the last day of 2015! Tomorrow is 2016!  Are you excited for a Happy New Beginning?! ;)

Hello! It's Happy! :D I took a selfie this morning and I woke up like this! ;) #HANDSOME

Hello! Happy Friends! :) How are you doing today? <3 Remember my first subscription box experience with Love with Food? I'...

Merry Christmas Everybody! <3 Here's a cute Christmas cake picture my mom sent me. :) We used to eat Christmas cake every Ch...

Hello Happy Friends! It's Happy and it's almost Christmas!

Hello Happy Friends! Look what I got from Etsy! :)

Happy Monday Happy Friends! Follow us off the beaten path! ;)

Hello Happy Friends! ;) It's Happy and it's sweater weather! :D

Here are some flowers for you!

Hello Happy Friends! It's Throwback Thursday! :)

Hello Happy Friends! It's me, Happy! I met Santa for the first time! ;)

Hello Happy Friend! Let me show you some amazing foods from my last trip to Jeju Island! First pic is Peanut Ice cream from Udo Isl...

Hello my amazing friends! How was your day? It's really cold in LA!

Hello Happy Sunday! :) Happy's back in Black and White photos! ;)

Happy Saturday Happy Friends! How's your Saturday night going?

Hello Friends! :) Today I'm sharing some cool quotes for Friendship Friday. <3

Hello, Happy Friends! It's Santa Happy again! :) He's on the blog almost everyday now. ;)

Happy Wednesday Happy Friends! It's Happy! :) How are you doing today?

Happy Tuesday! How was your day today? I was at The Getty Center today.

Happy Monday! How's your December going? Finally I got my first Succulents! <3

Hello Happy Sunday! It's HAPPY! Today was warm and sunny in LA. How was your day?

Hello Happy Friends?! How are you doing today? So much snow snow snow!

Happy Friday Happy Friends! It's me, Happy! :) Happy Blogmas Day 4!

Hello! Happy Friends! Happy Blogmas Day3! Today is Throwback Thursday. :) Let's go back to the lovely 80's. And I was...

Happy Blogmas Day 2! <3 Introducing our new logo! :) And I got it on Fiverr . Have you heard of Fiverr ?

Hello Happy Friends! :) Happy December and Happy Blogmas Day 1! 

Hello My Thankful Friends! How are you doing today? :) Fall is over, now It's Thanksgiving time. <3

Hello, Lovely friends! :) Who's hungry for some snacks?! Me. Me, Me! ;)

Hello. Happy Friends! :) I was a fashion blogger for a day. ;)

Hello. How are you friends? Our heart is heavy for our friends in Paris, France.

Yay! That's Us! Say Cheese! :)

It's fall in LA! :) Time to wear boots! <3

Hello Happy Friends! Happy's back with another awesome doggy review! :)

Lemonade anyone? :) Aren't these so adorable? <3  They are all natural and all so special!

Hello Happy Friends! Happy Fall! <3 Follow us to the Grove. :)

SuperHappy is Here! Halloween is almost here too! :)

Hello! Happy Friends! Happy went fishing to catch some tuna and fish?!  Let's see what's going on here. :)

Hello! I took a selfie in Seoul! ;) I've never took a selfie in Seoul before. 10 years ago when I was in Seoul, selfie didn...

Yummy yummy happy happy! :) We found Rice Ball on Melrose!

Hello! Happy Monday Happy Friends! <3 Meet the Surfer Boy Happy! :)

Hello Happy Friends!  I was in Korea in September and I was so happy as you can see here. :) It was my first visit in 10 years and ...

Hello Happy Friends! Let's follow Happy to PetSmart ®  and see what he finds! :)

Hello! Happy Sunday Happy Friends! Long time no see! ;) Happy's back with his super cool football jersey!

Happy Monday Happy Friends! :) Happy got his second Chewy Box! Wanna see what's inside?

Hello happy friends! Happy went to Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles!

Happy Wednesday to you my happy friends! How are you doing today? It's summer and we went to Santa Monica! This picture meant...

Happy August Everyone! Check out Happy's NEW Special Custom Collar! :)

Hello from Los Angeles! Happy Wednesday to you! <3

Happy Monday Everyone! Have you ever tried RAW food? Happy says you should! :)

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